The protest will be held at Piccadilly Circus from 1 PM on Saturday 31 October. by the fountain, opposite the Trocadero.
Nearest Tubes: Piccadilly Circus, Leicester Square, Charing Cross or Embankment.
Train: Charing Cross.
Bus: See here.


On Saturday 31 October, Islam4UK plans to hold a procession called "March for Sharia" starting at 1pm. They intend to march past the Houses of Parliament where their members will call for the imposition of Shariah law and for the House of Commons to be abolished.

This website was set up by a collection of groups and individuals - both Muslim and non-Muslim - to organise a counter-demonstration against those who seek to undermine and challenge our values. We come from diverse social and religious backgrounds but share a common belief in secular democracy and the values of the British liberal state such as legal and constitutional equality for all, equal rights for women and minorities, and the right to religious freedom (including freedom from religion).

British Muslims for Secular Democracy (BMSD), is organising and coordinating a broad based counter-demonstration of those of all faiths and none who are determined to stand together, in defence of liberal secular democracy.

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